• Martín Quiroga

Millenial Solutions

It's interesting how when the entire country begins to shut down and with a Recession looming in the background, I feel very well-equipped to deal with this type of situation. I came to age during the Great Recession, so what's another one right? *exasperated breathing* And now the media networks are mentioning that loneliness will be a factor that everyone will have to cope with for the foreseeable future. BOY, where have we heard that before?! I guess it's true that Millennials will never have their great war, their moment in history where they rose together to carry the nation forward. It's seeming more and more likely that we'll be stuck in our parents basements, dreaming of "the good ol' days"...

*In all seriousness folks, you know I love you. Stay safe, and shoot me a message if you need a friend.

Wash your hands 2020


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