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Quiroga Consulting LLC

Quiroga Consulting LLC is where a life-long passion meets ultimate precision in concert experiences. As a dedicated sole proprietor, Martin Quiroga Jr. takes the stage in bringing both the festival experience and your extraordinary events to life.

At Quiroga Consulting LLC, we are driven by a deep love for music and an unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch solutions to your production needs. With a sole proprietorship, you can expect a hands-on, personalized approach to every aspect of your concert.

Let Quiroga Consulting LLC elevate your next entertainment experience to new heights of excellence. Together, we'll create a harmonious symphony of sights and sounds that will leave a lasting impression on all who participate and attend. Get ready to set the stage on fire!

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My Story

Since 2018, Martín Quiroga Jr. has been the driving force in creating, developing, marketing, and executing music festivals focused on contemporary classical music. Navigating various challenges including COVID-19, Martín has managed to bring dynamic festivals that focus on community, exploration, engagement, and entertainment at scale.

Quiroga Consulting LLC will work with you on specific needs such as:

- Talent Management

- Stage Management

- Marketing, Branding, and Engagement

- Production Needs

- Business Organization

- Budgeting and Fiscal Needs

- Terms of Contract for both Artist and Staff

- Website Design


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to make your vision a reality. Let's connect!

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