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🥁 18 Years of Professional Performance: Martín Quiroga Jr. is a seasoned percussionist with nearly two decades of professional experience, captivating audiences with his rhythmic excellence. His passion for drumming began at a young age and has since evolved into a thriving career.

🎓 24 Years of Music Education: With a dedication to continuous learning, Martín has spent 24 years honing his craft through music education. He holds two  degrees from University of Houston (BA) and University of  Oregon (MA).

🪘 Versatile Performance: Martín's talent extends across a wide range of musical genres and settings. He has shared his rhythmic expertise with orchestras, choirs, colleges, and churches across the nation.

⛪ Church Performances: A current drumset performer with Living Stones Church (Katy, TX), Martín has been an integral part of the church community, contributing to the spiritual atmosphere with his heartfelt rhythms and musical devotion.

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